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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

May 27, 2021

There are 2 types of pelvic floor experts and the difference between them depends on your attitude to your clients' goals and the language you use. Have you ever thought about what your role as pelvic floor expert actually is? Have you considered where you, the pelvic floor specialist, fit in the myriad of approaches to pelvic floor dysfunction that are out there? Well, allow Claire to guide you in this week's episode to be the BEST pelvic floor expert you can be with some practical hints and tips. For fun, Claire lists some real life examples of clients she's worked with, what their goals were, and how she's been able to reduce the symptoms of even the most acute cases of stress incontinence, in a relatively short space of time, simply by tuning into her client's needs. Want to be a better pelvic floor expert and leave a positive lasting impact on your clients? Tune in to this episode now!

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