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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

If pregnancy causes pelvic floor dysfunction, why is it that some postnatal clients experience it, whilst others have zero pelvic floor issues post-birth at all? Have you ever stopped to think about what causes pelvic floor dysfunction in our postnatal clients? Is pregnancy really the culprit here? In this week's episode, Claire reveals why some pre/postnatal experts all too quickly blame the (supposed) postural changes that occur during pregnancy on the incidence of incontinence postpartum, and goes into depth with listing the myriad of factors that can be addressed during pregnancy to help prepare our pregnant clients better for birth, motherhood and beyond. "Pre-hab is better than re-hab", is the common theme throughout this episode, and if you're looking to update your knowledge on what can be done from an education, as well as exercise perspective, to help more pregnant women AVOID postnatal pelvic floor dysfunction, allow Claire to open your eyes and feed your mind. Pop your earbuds in and enjoy!

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