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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

Today is Time To Talk Day in the UK and it's an opportunity for us to start conversations about mental health, and help end the stigma attached to it. Mental health comes in many forms, and affects us as movement professionals in many many ways. Are we really supposed to stand in front of an audience of people, energising and motivating people with a fake smile on our face, constantly, with no consideration for what's going on in our personal lives? Is it possible to use working out as a form of escapism? Have you, or anyone you know ever been addicted to exercise? Well, in this episode, Claire shares her own personal journey of depression. She showcases what the signs were for her should it ever recur, her top do's and don'ts for dealing with things, and what techniques helped her dig herself out of that black hole. Please note: this story has a happy ending, and it involves travelling along the Trans-Siberian Railway in the depths of winter, as a lone, female traveller. Listen in right to the end for one of the most unbelievable travel stories you'll ever be privy to. Enjoy, because it's totally worth it!


Links and resources:

100 Life-Changing Travel Experiences: Lonely Planet

River Town: Peter Hessler