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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Emilie Rowell aka @thebodydoula is a Doula and pregnancy Yoga expert, and she's here to talk about biomechanics for birth, pregnancy exercise, and antenatal education. What Emilie offers clients is truly unique, because she's been able to create a space in her services where birthing partners are encouraged to have an active role. In this insightful interview, Emilie shares a huge array of helpful information about how incredibly easy it is to set our pregnant clients up for the best birth possible, with just a few simple tweaks here and there to their alignment and movement patterns. We'd all like our pregnant clients to seek us out earlier than they do, and on the topic of "pre-hab over re-hab" Emilie naturally has more than a few words to say. Emilie shares her own journey into the birthing world (which, you guessed it, has a back story to it, which involves some pretty serious pelvic floor issues herself), so listen in towards the end of the interview, because even Claire wasn't prepared for this one. Enjoy!


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