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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Nov 12, 2020

Ginny Parham, a specialist Period Coach helps women ditch PMS in 90 days or less, so they can live their lives free of period pain. Contrary to belief, period pain and PMS are not normal, and there are a lot of factors that attribute to menstrual cramps and mood swings (particularly in this stressed, modern world we live in). In this interview, Ginny shares her personal story experiencing debilitating period pain herself, and after seeing no change in her symptoms with the mainstream advice provided, she decided enough was enough so sought out holistic, natural and herbalist alternatives and hasn't looked back! Ginny's here to share her top 3 tips to eliminating period pain and PMS, so we'd both encourage you to pop your ear buds in, to take a walk in nature with us, and enjoy!


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