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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Sep 1, 2022

It's September! And, often it's one of those months in the calendar where FitPros and pelvic floor health specialists launch a new class, or really want to promote a niche service to their 1:1 clients. In the Northern Hemisphere, children will be going back to school, and in the Southern Hemisphere, you and your clients are coming out of hibernation. There's a fresh energy in the air, you're pumped to reconnect with old clients, and you're really looking forward to helping new customers with the magic of the work that you do. But, the one thing that's playing on your mind is marketing. You really want to fill ALL of the spots on ALL of your classes, and you really want to have a nice full 1:1 schedule, but you're not sure that's possible. Well, if you need some help here today, you will NOT be disappointed with this week's episode. In it, Claire shares 5 tactics for you to implement to fill those last minute spots in your classes AND attract some fresh, new clients into your PT practice too. Pop your earbuds in, hit play, pick and choose the tips that apply to you, and enjoy! And please do report back to let Claire know which strategies worked best for you!

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