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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Feb 10, 2022

Things have been busy behind-the-scenes at the Pelvicpreneur Podcast the last few months, and this week, Claire is ready to announce her NEW program to the world! Are you excited to hear more?!

Background: Claire first had the idea for this course for fitness professionals, way back in July 2021 and she's been adding concepts and content to it whilst out on walks, "talk-to-text" style, via the Notes app on her phone.  Once she'd mapped out 18 modules and had racked up 8,713 words, she then realised she kind knew what she was talking about here!

This NEW course isn't anything to do with feet, pelvic floor, abdominal separation, pregnancy or postnatal exercise. It isn't related to marketing or social media either, but it IS a little bit business-related.

Why choose the podcast for this announcement?  Well, if you like stories, there's plenty of them in this new course, and in fact stories make up pretty much the entire premise of this new offering, and this is why Claire's chosen audio-only format for the content's delivery AND her podcast to make this announcement.

Intrigued? Well, pop your earbuds in, and press play on this week's episode.  Enjoy!

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