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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

We're coming up to almost 2 years of working, socialising and living in close proximity with our loved ones now due to Covid 19. And the question that goes around in my mind often is: are we really supposed to be cooped up with the same people for this long? Regardless of the pandemic though, have you struggled at times when those close to you like your partner, family and friends just don't GET you and your desires in business? Being your own boss is a tough gig. Working in the health and wellness industry where you help support others day in day out can be very challenging, particularly if you're not getting that same care and support at home. You're in for a treat this week as Claire lists her top 5 tips for handling the elephant in the room that is: what to do when your partner isn't supportive of your business. Pop your earbuds in, take a walk in nature and more importantly take action as a result from tuning into this episode. Enjoy and keep reaching for those dreams!

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