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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

With another year coming to a close here, now seems a perfect time to wrap up Season 2 of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast with a "2021 In Review" style episode. This week, you'll hear Claire candidly chat about 5 things she's done in her business these past 12 months to bring more enjoyment back into her business. Claire's never bought into the "hustle and grind" culture as you know, and in this episode you'll discover what her new mantra is that enables her do more of what she enjoys, more often. Strap yourself in, pop your barefoot shoes on, and take yourself off into nature for this episode. The Pelvicpreneur Podcast will now be taking a well-earned break after this episode, with the usual weekly schedule recommencing in January 2022. See you then!

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