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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Oct 7, 2021

Ever had a pelvic floor personal training client attend a mainstream exercise class with another instructor where some of the exercises they're performing perhaps aren't that suitable for their pelvic floor, but you're kind of unsure what to do, let alone what to say? It kind of feels awkward, doesn't it? Whilst we can't control what our clients do outside of the walls of our pelvic floor personal training rehab clinic, we certainly can advise them, guide them and educate them on the difference between safe and unsafe exercise for them, whilst they're under our care. In this episode, you'll hear Claire highlight: 1) what to say when pelvic floor clients want to continue doing (unsafe) exercise, 2) when and why it's appropriate to blacklist an exercise from a clients' repertoire, and 3) why modifications are your best asset as a pelvic floor expert. Pop your earbuds in, your barefoot shoes on, and enjoy this action-packed episode full of tips for you, the pelvic floor specialist!

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