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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

Chloe Stickings from @chloestickings is a women’s pelvic health coach and she helps women with pelvic health conditions, menstrual problems and sexual trauma. Chloe is here on the Pelvicpreneur Podcast this week to share her own pelvic health story with you, and chat to us about metaphysics and how this fits into pelvic floor health. Chloe uses a very holistic, whole-body approach when assessing and treating clients with pelvic floor issues. And, she's here to share how she's able to guide women through their health journey using trauma-informed care, coupled with those simple but very effective lifestyle changes that are easily accessible from the walls of her clients' homes. Chloe’s mission is to help women break free from pain so they can regain freedom and live their best life. So, pop your airpods in your ears, your barefoot shoes on your feet, and take us on a walk into nature for the ultimate experience. Enjoy!

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