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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Aug 12, 2021

So, you've heard about the connection between the foot and pelvic floor function, but you can't help but wonder if barefoot shoes are 100% necessary for ALL of your pelvic floor clients. Am I right, or am I right? Do you sometimes feel guilty that clients have already spent a considerable about of money training with you, only for them to have to spend even MORE on a pair of barefoot shoes? Are minimalist shoes really all they're cracked up to be when it comes to giving our pelvic floor clients the best chance at decreasing their incontinence and prolapse? Tune into this solo episode from Claire where she highlights: 1) a tour of the barefoot shoe basics, 2) tips on how to compromise on barefoot shoes with clients, 3) several reasons the research you've read about injuries and barefoot shoes isn't relevant, and finally 4) a not-to-be-missed rant about several aspects of the barefoot shoe community that need addressing including privilege, pricing and product names. Ready to get your pelvic floor geek on?  Pop your earbuds in and enjoy!

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