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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Ever been puzzled when a really experienced Pilates instructor gets pregnant and then ends up delivering their baby via c-section? Maybe you've never really noticed, or you aren't that observant, but if this question now has you scratching your chin, I guess you'll want to know what exactly is going on here, huh? Let me introduce special guest, Katy Lush! She's a Restorative Exercise Specialist, Gyrotonic Instructor and Pilates Teacher and she's here to share her birth story with us, which involves her first baby delivered by you guessed it -cesarean section, and the second baby -delivered naturally(commonly known as VBAC = Vaginal Birth After C-Section). I've brought Katy onto the podcast to talk about how's she changed the way she teaches Pilates and core-based exercise, what a reflexive core is, cues she no longer uses, emergency c-sections, VBACs, pelvic floor and more! Warning: expect a fairly frank discussion about whether the things we're teaching our pregnant clients in a Pilates setting about pelvic floor, and core and exercise etc are actually helpful or hindering. Intrigued? Well, pop your earbuds in, take us on a walk for the ultimate in natural movement and enjoy!

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