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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

Ever had a pelvic floor client be told by another expert "Let's wait 6 months, and if your symptoms haven't improved, come back to me" and it's got you thinking that that's somewhat irresponsible behaviour?! Regardless of the condition that say a postnatal client has, simply telling them to WAIT 6 months before lifting their baby in the hope that their symptoms will decrease is NOT really going to help.Worst case scenario here: the client will STOP doing certain movements through fear, or if they do continue to move, they do to accommodate the pain, weakness and dysfunction that's NOT being addressed. Want to learn HOW to teach your pelvic floor clients to move, lift and carry better, and work closely with them to develop strategies to enable them to get closer and closer to lifting and doing other movements, without setting off their symptoms? Well, tune into this week's episode now for more insight.
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