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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

Have you ever stumbled across research to back up both sides of an argument and now you're even more confused than when you first started down the rabbit hole of Google? Do you ever wonder if your own bias or opinion makes you gravitate more towards one type of research over another? Ever wondered why it takes so long for new research to be adopted by the healthcare industry? Well, let me introduce today's guest: HeHe Stewart from @tranquilitybyhehe. She's a Doula first and foremost, and she's on a mission to arm her clients with all the education, information, and research they need to make the best choices for them during birth and beyond. Research plays a big role in decision-making during birth, and research also plays a big role in deciding which exercises you should prescribe your pelvic floor clients too, doesn't it? Tune in to have your eyes and ears opened here today to having you rethinking research in general and more specifically, how it applies to our birthing clients. For the ultimate in natural movement, take us on a walk, and enjoy!

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