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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

Annette Cashell, from @movementmakeovers is on a mission to get children moving more and to get more movement (not PE or exercise!) in schools. Maybe you're a parent yourself. Maybe you're concerned about how educating children via Zoom this past year has affected their posture, their eye sight, their pain levels, and just their overall performance? Maybe you've never actually given much thought though to how the standard education system of making children sit for hours on end inhibits their body's ability to move. Either way, Annette does some amazing work introducing more movement into schools, and as you'll learn to understand, there are huge benefits to making even the teeniest of changes in the current set up of classrooms, to promote better learning, and an overall improvement in the physical and mental health of school aged children. Pop your ear buds in, take us on a walk for the ultimate in natural movement, and enjoy!

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