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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Mar 11, 2021

Jenni Hulburt, @jennihulburt is a fitness trainer specialising in helping women sweat in sync with their menstrual cycle and nature. In this interview, Jenni shares a huge array of helpful insight into why it's so important for women to honour their menstrual cycle, the common problems our clients could experience when they're NOT aligned with their monthly bleed, and the signs we, as FitPros, need to look out for to modify clients' workouts. Do you need to batch record a series of exercise videos for clients all in one day?! Jenni advises you, the fitness trainer, on the exact time of the month would be best for you to do so, so you can work WITH your cycle, rather than against it. Like many people who specialise in the period field, Jenni's journey to where she is now, certainly has a personal story attached to it, so be sure to listen in for that. Take a walk, and get out into nature for this episode for the ultimate experience, and enjoy!

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