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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

Gaynor Morgan aka @pelvicangel is a pessaries and pelvic organ prolapse specialist. In this insightful interview, Gaynor shares a huge array of helpful information about pessaries including: why they were invented, the different types of pessaries available and what types of pelvic floor conditions pessaries can be suitable for. Gaynor highlights who is qualified to fit pessaries, helpful tips for you to determine which clients you're seeing 1-2-1 right now could be good candidates for pessary use, and also how you can easily refer clients to someone like Gaynor for pessary advice and pessary fittings. Like many people who specialise in the niche field of pelvic floor disorder, Gaynor's journey into pelvic floor health certainly has a personal story attached to it, and I'd like to thank Gaynor for being vulnerable and open in sharing this story with us, so listen in towards the end of the interview, because even Claire wasn't prepared for this one. Enjoy!

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