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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

Victoria Cunningham from @stretchbodymind is here to talk about her journey that takes her from teaching a full class timetable of Yoga/Pilates classes, to shutting up shop and going all in with her Teacher Training offerings. Like many people last year, she had to pivot. She said goodbye to her all of her loyal clients and stopped teaching her Yoga/Pilates classes, and went all in with her teacher training offerings. But, there was a catch. None of her qualifications up to 2020 were delivered online, so it was huge learning curve, and it felt a bit like a race against time to not let her already paid up Yoga and Pilates students down: they were expecting in-person training and that's not what Victoria could provide. What Victoria offers her students is something very unique for the industry. And, if you've missed chatting to other colleagues at work, or, you're just desperate to talk shop with someone, view this conversation between Victoria and Claire as 2 passionate colleagues chatting about what life's like as a teacher trainer. Enjoy!


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