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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

Pelvic floor rehab is complex. There are lots of moving parts, several factors to consider, different approaches to take, and many lines of therapy that can help solve the mystery that is pelvic floor dysfunction. Have you ever wondered what an Occupational Therapist does and where they fit in with the puzzle pieces that help clients with pelvic floor dysfunction? Well, allow me to introduce Melissa La Pointe an OT who started out treating everyone and everyone in private practice, and then suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction herself following the birth of her son, which lead down the road to specialising in women's health. She had amazing fun treating pre and postnatal patients, but wanted to serve the OT community in other ways, so she created online programs for OT's, ended up shutting down her clinic, and going all in consulting other OTs to build businesses that work for them, rather than the other way round. An insightful episode where you're privy to 2 peers in pelvic health chatting about hiring team members, building their online businesses, leaving their clients all behind, and now leading a life of coaching and consulting full time. Enjoy!


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