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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

Annette Cashell, from @movementmakeovers is on a mission to get those of us working from home moving more, and moving better. With more of us working from home right now, do you think people are moving more, or moving less as a result? Listen in to find out the real truth. As fitness professionals, we tell our clients that sitting kills, and we also advocate that exercise is hugely beneficial for them, but is exercise really the answer to excessive sitting, because as Annette explains, there's a difference between "movement"and "exercise"? Prepare to have your eyes and ears opened in this interview as Annette shares her top 3 tips for moving more whilst working from home; how a few simple changes to your current workstation set up can encourage more movement; and as you'll discover, things weren't always rosy for Annette: she's got quite a back story to tell that involves horrendous neck pain from a "proper job" in Silicon Valley a lifetime ago. Pop your ear buds in, take us on a walk for the ultimate in natural movement, and enjoy!


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