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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

Welcome to another MAILBAG SHOW segment of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast where you, the listener, sends in your questions, and Claire, The Pelvicpreneur happily answers them for you! In this segment, find out what answers Claire gives to these questions:

1) What's an appropriate pricing structure for specialist personal training services? Is £210 for 3 sessions good?

2) Are women in this country even willing to pay for pelvic health? Or, are we just too indoctrinated to expect it all for free?

3) Why have you stepped away from treating abdominal separation, Claire? The diastasis page on my website gets way more traffic than the pelvic floor one, so I'm just curious to know why you're only doing pelvic floor dysfunction now.

Links and resources:

Your Pelvic Matters Teacher Training program

Episode 1 - Introduction: Why I Quit Teaching Fitness Classes After 14+ Years

Episode 3 = Find out how gaining expert status is linked to narrowing down your niche

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