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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jul 1, 2020

Been teaching group exercise classes for a long long time? Do you love some clients and dislike others? Are you at a crossroads in your business due to Covid 19 and not sure if you even want to return to a fully "in-person" class timetable because you kind of like the virtual stuff? Well, in this week's episode, Claire answers all these questions and more and will give you insights into several things she doesn't miss about teaching group exercise classes, and shares hints and tips to help you decide what the future holds for your fitness business as we go into the second half of 2020. Enjoy!

Links and resources:

Your Pelvic Matters Teacher Training program

Episode 1 - Introduction: Why I Quit Teaching Fitness Classes After 14+ Years

BONUS Coronavirus Episode - Why Streaming Your Classes Live On Zoom Is Not Practical, And What Alternatives You Have For Teaching Online

Episode 2 - My 5+ Year History Of Foot Pain

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