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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

May 28, 2020

Have you ever read a book that literally changed your life? So much so that you feel compelled to share the author's work with other people in your life so they too can benefit? Well, in this week's Pelvicpreneur podcast, Claire showcases not one, but three books that she's read at various points in her existence, that have changed her life for the better. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is even more powerful when you take action on it, and the three books you'll hear Claire talk about have action points in spades. Enjoy!

Links and resources:

The Great Pain Deception - Steven Ray Ozanich

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Simple Steps To Foot Pain Relief - Katy Bowman

Episode 2 - My 5+ Year Foot Pain Story

Episode 5 - How Poor Foot Mechanics Affect Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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