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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

Most FitPros use some form of content marketing to attract clients into their business. And, if you've been doing what you do for a number of years now, you've probably produced and published LOTS of content, right? But, have you ever wondered about whether something you posted on Facebook or Instagram 5 years ago should still be there on public view? Have you ever considered the implications of a prospective client finding a blog post that you wrote over a decade ago that's now full of misinformation because your industry has moved on, new research has been published, and/or you've updated your qualifications since then? In this anecdotal style episode, Claire is here to give you a timeline tour of all of the social media platforms and content marketing strategies she's used since 2005, as well as what content she's removed from public view and why she's done so. After listening in to this episode, you'll learn exactly what the best practices are for you to follow if you have old content still swimming around. Pop your headphones on, talk a walk, and tune in now!

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