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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

There are times as a FitPro, when we struggle to motivate ourselves to do those all-important tasks that will drive our business forwards. Teaching and interacting with clients daily means you often have a constant smile on your face, and that's an energy drain in itself, isn't it? If you've ever felt like taking a nanna nap during the day because you just can't bring yourself to face your To Do List for the afternoon, please know that that's ok, and oftentimes feeling this way happens for a deeper reason. In this week's thought-provoking episode, hear Claire explain WHY we sometimes experience a dip in motivation, and discover the 4 actionable questions to ask yourself to be aware of the signs in the future. Episode 120 may be one of these episodes that you listen to once now to get yourself fired up to take action, but it may also be worth adding this segment to your "downloads" in your podcast app, to return to at a later date when you really need that motivational voice in your ear. Pop your headphones on, grab a pen and paper, and tune in now!

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