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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

FACT: No one in business ever enjoys raising their prices, and adding even £1 to your clients' course fees/monthly payments can feel like the most agonising experience ever. Aside from more money, there are many benefits to increasing your rates and Claire is here on hand this week to highlight them all to you. If you haven't put your prices up for 5+ years, this is a must-listen episode, because effectively you've given yourself a nice pay cut there for half a decade. Did you realise that? Costs go up in your business, not down, and whilst it's common to assume that clients are only paying for an hour class, or an hour Personal Training session with you, all of the work you do behind-the-scenes needs to be factored in too. Ready to tune in to have your eyes and ears open to ALL of the benefits to raising your rates? Pop your ear buds in now and enjoy!

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