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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Mar 17, 2022

Do you enjoy the variety that your current fitness business offers you? Have you been told that you need a niche client group to work with, but the thought of teaching the same things to the same people over and over again really fills you with dread? Were you aware that niching down can actually offer you flexibility and freedom? Choosing a niche can feel really scary for some people, and actually limitless for others, and that's what makes us all unique as business owners, isn't it? There are many things to consider if you do decide to niche down in your business, but one thing's for sure: the topic of niching is one that Claire has a lot of experience with herself, and this week on the Pelvicpreneur Podcast, she is here to help you clarify if you need a niche or not. Episode highlights: 1) 3 clear ways you can niche down should you decide to, 2) why you need to consider whether you need a niche at all, and 3) when it's appropriate to have a niche, and when it's not. Tune into this must-listen episode now, and enjoy!

Note: The Pelvicpreneur Podcast is now taking a break, and the usual weekly schedule will recommence from Thursday 31st March 2022

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