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Pelvicpreneur Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Have you ever worked with a personal training client who wasn't a good fit for you, but you felt obliged to continue training with them even though your relationship felt strained?  Do some of your personal training clients do their homework diligently in between appointments, but other clients don't and it makes you feel under-appreciated and under-valued for the expert that you are?  Is there a client who's been with you for years and is paying you less than your other clients simply because you can't bring yourself to ask them to pay you more through fear of rejection?  If so, this week's episode of the Pelvicpreneur Podcast is going to be a right treat for you!  In this episode Claire highlights not 1, but 3 personal training clients from her past that she'd gladly never ever work with ever again.  She lists the reasons why these clients weren't a great fit for her, as well as strategies that you can take to avoid these mistakes happening in your business in the future.  Pop your earbuds in now, nod along with the anecdotes and action points, and enjoy!

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